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Pre-Owned GP2 Equipment

All pre-owned GP2 and Schmedt equipment offered for re-sale by GP2 will be fully refurbished, updated, and will run as new. Additionally, used equipment sourced from GP2 will be fully warrantied and come with unlimited phone / on-line support. Direct purchases from GP2 will also designate buyers with “customer status” for preferred service rates, scheduling, and parts.

Please contact us at sales@gp2tech.com for model availability and pricing.

A note to those buying used GP2 equipment through alternative routes such as used machine dealers, auctions, private sales, and mergers. GP2 will support all used equipment within all reasonable measures: Service, remote support, and parts will be made available. GP2 warranties are not transferable. GP2 will not assume any responsibility for obsolete parts / software or condition and performance of equipment as purchased through other parties.


GP2 Technologies, Inc., 157 River Road, Unit #18, Bow, NH 03304 ~ phone: 603.226.0336


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